Service Pack: Definition & Components
What does the Service Pack include? Is it always original or can it be compatible? Read us and find out.

We use the term Service Pack on a daily basis, we see it constantly in GSM spare parts stores like Moviparts or 4phones, but do we really know what it means and what it contains? In this article we will clarify these and other questions related to the Service Pack.

Originally the Service Pack was an exclusive term for parts of PCs computers, but for a few years with the arrival of smart phones or smartphones it has been constantly used to define a very complete part of the mobile.

The Service pack is a part of the complete original brand that includes, in the case of Samsung, the LCD screen or display, the AMOLED touch or digitizer, the frame, the touch chassis, flexs, speakers and both internal and external buttons. In the case of Huawei, the part also includes the battery.

All these components come in original brand packaging, with unique brand seals, codes and badges. So when we refer to any Service Pack we will always be talking about original parts, never compatible.

For this reason, the guarantee and quality of the Service Packs will always be higher compared to an equivalent compatible part.

For the correct installation of the Service Packs in 4Phones we recommend firstly making sure to acquire the correct part for the required model since, as they are original parts, the warranties only cover factory defects, so returning them once the packaging is opened or installed is complicated. process a return or RMA.

To help you find the right service packs, we give some search tips on the 4Phones website.

In the search engine it is possible to search for Samsung Service Packs with the term "Samsung Display Complete" and all available models, stock and prices will be listed. For Huawei models, when you type in the "Service Pack" search engine, all available models, stock and prices will be listed.

We can also make use of the filters, located on the left side of the screen. If we filter by brand, part and model, we will also find the appropriate Service Pack.

Once we have made sure that the purchased Service Pack part is correct, we recommend that you also make sure to disconnect the battery before proceeding with the installation.

Like any other electronic repair job, the work environment and tools also play an important role in the proper installation of the Service Pack.

In this regard, it is important to do your best to handle repair or replacement work in a dry, dust-free environment without direct sunlight.

Although there are models of mobiles that require specific tools, we recommend the following basic tools necessary to make a correct replacement available at Tweezers with suction cups Jakemy Display Opening Tool SKU REPTOOL574, spatula for opening Pryer Card Opening Tool (Green) CFT -60426 SKU 99FFB4AA86 and BEST 12 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set (BST-666) SKU F30E8ED7AA. In the related products of this article you will find direct links to purchase this and other articles of interest.

Remember that we are at your disposal in the chat on our website ( to clarify any doubts about stocks, prices or to help you choose the Service Pack you need for a specific repair or to stock the most demanded parts in your repair shop warehouse.

We wish you a good repair!

4Phones team