What is RMA?

RMA stands for “Return Merchandise Authorization”. This is the process we use to handle and manage the return of products, such as defective or wrongly delivered products. Customers must request an RMA through their customer account.

How to create RMA?

We have established several guidelines for creating an RMA. To submit an RMA, you will need to go through the steps of our process. Learn about the process we use to handle and manage our RMAs here:


We offer a warranty on our products. Our warranty terms vary by product group and are defined as follows:

Spareparts Lifetime
Service Packs 3 Months
Batteries 12 Months
Tools 12 Months
Accesories 12 Months
Premium Accesories (Baseus, Canyon, Aeno, Prestigio) 24 Months
New devices (Phones/Laptop) Factory Warranty (36 Months)
Refurbished devices (Phones) 3 Months

*It is very important to thoroughly test and review the product(s) before installation!

What is not covered by warranty?

We cannot accept products under our warranty in the following cases:

  • Products that do not have our stamp or labels
  • Products that are already installed but were never tested beforehand
  • Incorrectly bent cables
  • Damage caused by tampering, improper use, and carelessness
  • Physical defects or damages
  • Defects and damage caused by accident

General Return Conditions

  • Make sure the return is registered in your account
  • Customers must test and inspect the product before installation. Our RMA department has several techniques that allow them to identify whether a product has been installed before it has been tested
  • When sending your RMA, make clear on the outside of the box that it’s an RMA shipment, this fastens the process
  • Products must have been purchased from iTech Parts (proved by stickers/labels/stamps)
  • Products must be returned in their original condition and packaging. If this is not the case, we may reject the product or charge a reduction in value. Please do not write or put stickers on the products or packaging.
  • The product should not be damaged (for example, due to incorrect installation). The RMA department will determine the condition of the returned product
  • Please note that all products have an established warranty period. The term varies by product group, see the table above under the heading 'warranty'

Processing time

For returns sent to our facility in The Netherlands, we aim to process the RMA within 5 business days after the item is marked as received. For returns shipped to different countries, it may take up to 10 business days for your RMA to be processed. Please note that during busy periods, processing times may be longer. Once the RMA is processed, customers will receive an email, and in case the return is accepted, the refund will be issued as store credit within 2 business days.

Damaged in transit

If the parcel arrives to you clearly damaged, please refuse the parcel. The parcel service will then take the parcel back. When this situation occurs, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible. If a damaged parcel has already been accepted, we ask you to create the RMA within 2 business days after receiving it. Once this period expired, we can no longer take the damage into account. Please keep the damaged box until you received further instructions. We need you to report the damage by providing us with:

  • Products that do not have our stamp or labels
  • Products that are already installed but were never tested beforehand

If you need the goods urgently, please place a new order. As soon as we receive the damaged items, we will credit the corresponding amount to your account.

Defective products (dead on arrival)

If you receive a defective product, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. Provide us with photos of the defect and (if possible) videos that explain the problem to help us assess and accept your RMA faster and easier.

Wrong products received

We are very sorry to hear that you received the wrong product and we’re going to do our best to solve the problem for you. Please place a new order with the product you need and create an RMA for the wrongly received products within 2 business days. As soon as we receive your return and the product is in its original state, a credit will be provided.

Restocking policy

In case you ordered the wrong product or wish to return a product we will accept returns to restock if the items are returned within 30 days after the order was placed.

Rejected RMAs

Products rejected by the RMA department are automatically disposed of after 10 business days. Please contact us if you would like to receive the product back.

How to avoid rejected RMAs

The iTechParts RMA department occasionally faces RMAs that unfortunately must be denied. We have noticed the following inaccuracies. make sure you take these points into account so that your RMA will not be rejected:

1: Not testing before installing.

It is important to test your products before using and installing them. Testing before installing helps you notice any defects in advance. Our RMA department is able to detect whether you tested products before installation.

2: Wrong placement of flex cables.

Our RMA department often comes across flex cable issues. Most of the products that get denied for RMA approval, contain a damaged flex cable or connector. The damage is caused by incorrect placement during installation or bending of the flex cables. Ensure a very careful installation; any lack of precision could lead to a harmed product.

3: Removal of protective foils.

The protective foils should not be removed before returning the products. Don’t remove any foils until sure it is going to be installed. Make sure the product is as close to its original state as possible (which includes the foils) before claiming the RMA.

4: Incorrectly packed returns.

Products should be returned in a way that is closest to their original state. This means that RMAs should contain the original packaging. Another important thing regarding the packaging of the returned product is protection. Products should be carefully packed by using bubble foil, enough layers of carton or proper boxes. This way, we’ll more surely receive the package in the state in which you shipped it.

5: Products not purchased from iTechParts

Make sure that the returned product is 100% ours before shipping. We can tell by the visible and invisible markings what belongs to us and what doesn’t.

6: Returning without mentioning the problem or defect.

Sometimes we receive products without a clear RMA reason. Therefore, it is important to clearly mention the problem or defect you’re facing. Give us as much information about the problem as you can, if applicable supported by photos and videos.

7: RMA's returned without correct attachment of RMA packing slip document as received via email.

It is important that the RMA is properly bundled with a clear RMA form, so that it’s easily recognizable which products belong to each RMA form.

The credit process

When your RMA is approved, a store credit invoice via gift card will be sent matching the value of the returned product. The credit invoice can be applied to future purchases.

Gift Cards

In some cases, a gift card will automatically be provided via email to be applied to your next order. On the final page of the checkout process, you will be able to enter the gift card code to compensate the total payment amount with the credited RMA value.

Combining multiple RMAs

For each RMA, a pdf packing slip document with a unique RMA ID will be sent via email. Please pack each product carefully and attach the packing slip to the matching products so our RMA department can easily differentiate which product belongs exactly to a specific RMA request.

What if the order never arrived

In case your order has not arrived, please contact our customer service. We will start an investigation with the shipping company. Causes for delays could be:

  • The courier signed off the package already but will deliver it the next day
  • The package has been delivered to an incorrect address or to a neighbour
  • There is a delay in the shipping company depot and the package will be delivered the next day
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as bad roads or weather conditions

Once we can confirm the parcel is lost for reasons outside of the customer's responsibility, we will provide a reshipment of the product(s) at our expense.